Shadow of the Valley

In the shadow of the valley
The golden valley where sun evoked
scent, casting its glow across the lake
of burnished gold, I looked to the far mountains
in recognition and farewell: they know

The weight of the world is heavy, yes
The pace of the world is weary, yes
But sometimes when we arrive, we come in returning
to the place of luminous scent and fire awakening—
That waking INTO the sisterhood
That hate never pierced—

Yes, that’s what I always wanted,
To know there’s nothing that can’t be
transformed by connection
No gulf that cannot be bridged,
despite the hazy vacuity of that ridge,
when the sun’s golden arrows are loosed once again
and return enfolding in fractured light

Yes, that’s what I always wanted:
to rest without end in the arms of love

Photo credit: @sage_solar via / CC BY